Sydney is host to some of the best markets around, featuring fresh local produce, hand crafted gifts, stylish fashion, home grown free entertainment and some of the best street food which will warm you through on these cold winter days.

As Sydney endures the winter, most people will opt for the warm cosy option of staying indoors to keep warm but Sydney comes to life around this time of year with the most amazing winter markets which are easily accessible by walking, car or public transport.

On your approach to the markets, your senses will go into overdrive as you hear the sounds of the band accompanied by aromas of freshly baked bread, the German sausage stand or from the pulled pork rolls, and the closer you approach you get to see the steam coming off each stall which is the international winter sign for hot, yummy, delicious food.

Once you have satisfied your hunger, take a walk around the bustling lane ways which have been created by the stalls, absorbing all the wonderful colours of the locally tailored clothing that line the lanes like a Bollywood dance scene and be amazed at some of the handcrafted jewellery and souvenirs.

For a fun filled cost effective day out, Sydney markets are a must with markets operating every second Saturday of the month, but this will differ depending on which markets you choose to go to. To check on which markets are on go to