Hungry business travelers will want to know where to eat near their hotels and meeting venues. They need to be well-nourished to sit through long days of meetings and conferences. People who are travelling to Canberra for work will find a number of places to eat near the city’s Central Business District.

People who want to fortify themselves before a long day can have breakfast at The Pancake Parlour. Selections of pancakes on the menu include short stacks, regular stacks and long stacks. This restaurant offers more than pancakes. Eggs Benedict, crepes and cottage fries are also served. Those who want their caffeine can order coffee or cappuccinos. People who want drinks with more caffeine can stop at Group 7 Espresso.

Those who are interested in something sweet for a morning or afternoon break can have a cupcake at The Jazz Apple Café or a mini pie at Pie Face. Pie Face also has cookies and brownies. People who want coffee to help them get through the rest of their meetings can get it at Pie Face or The Glasshouse Cafe. The Glasshouse Cafe offers lunches that people who are in a hurry can grab and take with them.

People who want to linger over a leisurely lunch before the afternoon session of a conference can relax over New Zealand lamb or organic veal at Locanda Italian Steakhouse. If everyone in a group wants something different for lunch, they can stop at The London for burgers, salads and vegetarian fare. Beef, lamb and chicken burgers are on the menu. Lamb and chicken salads are available. Vegetarians can have a vegetable burger.

Business travelers who want to relax after spending the day attending meetings and presentations can enjoy the pub menu and drinks at P.J. O’Reilly’s. Fish and chips are on the menu here. Customers can also enjoy pizza and salads.

People who are hungry after a long day can treat themselves by ordering from the degustation menu at Mezzalira. This menu changes because it includes seasonal produce. Items on the menu may include venison, rabbit or yellowfin tuna. Japanese food is available at IORI, and Italian food is on the menu at Tosolini’s.