People that are always traveling for their job can experience their share of hiccups along the way. A simple delay for your car rental or your flight, can mean having to reorganize your entire travel plans. And you can attest to how difficult it is to make these changes, in a fast-paced business world where every second counts. Luckily, technology has made this process a bit easier. Here are three awesome iPhone apps that every professional should have on their phone. Sure, these apps won’t fix every single problem. But they will help you solve a bunch of issues that would otherwise be a serious annoyance.

There are plenty of cloud service apps out there that allow you to store your documents and files, and then offer the ability to access them from a mobile device. The problem is, what if you forget to load those important files onto the cloud server to begin with? Luckily, LogMeIn lets you avoid that issue. With this program, you can access your home computer from your tablet or smart phone, and then operate normal computer functions. This means that you can send emails to yourself, upload documents, or simply find movies while you are alone in the hotel at night. LogMeIn is a great app to have on your travel device, as well as your home and business computer.

WiFi Finder
Whether you are trapped in an airport or on the road for an important meeting, WiFi Finder will help you find a WiFi hotspot in your proximity. This can be very helpful when it comes to being able to access the internet and then take care of business as necessary. There are over 550,000 WiFi locations offered throughout 144 countries on WiFi Finder. You can also add your own newly saved WiFi hotspots so that you can return to the connection the next time you are in town.

GateGuru is one of the most effective and all-inclusive apps that you could ever need for traveling. This app will let you find out information about your flight, such as departure time, terminal and gate, as well as arrival time with the same information. It also lets you know future flights, in case you need to change your original plans. But GateGuru doesn’t stop at being just a great app for your flight, it also tells you of things to do and tips to keep in mind when you are visiting a new city. All in all, GateGuru is a must-have app for any traveler, and especially for business travelers who are always on the go.

You only have once chance to impress when it comes to the business world. And by being late or unprepared, you’ll lose out on that shot. But with these apps, you can stay organized and maintain everything you need, right from the palm of your hand.