By: Sam M

government-travelTraveling for government work requires clean and safe accommodations that provide all of the necessary amenities for productivity. Hotels, motels and inns line the streets of Australia, but these executive apartments offer a different type of travel that is sure to be the right fit for the following reasons.

Professional Atmosphere
Going to a hotel that has a pool and lots of colourful activities certainly offers a sense of entertainment, but it does not necessarily provide the business atmosphere that those traveling for the government really need. Executive apartments can inspire employees to get the job done, and other like-minded individuals will be staying in the nearby rooms as well. Employees can also look into a host of amenities that will help them to stay on task and to complete all of the work in a timely fashion, so they have some moments to explore the grounds and relax.

More Space
Trying to accomplish work tasks while crammed into a tiny space is both frustrating and unproductive. Unfortunately, this is all that many hotels are able to offer. With an executive apartment, the employees will have the opportunity to move around as though they were in their own homes or work spaces. They can allocate different sections of the room to different tasks, and they need not worry about trying to find a space for their paperwork and files.

Privacy for Their Work
It’s also hard to complete important work for tasks when loud noises and many people are all over the place. With an apartment, the employees are going to have more privacy. Since apartments are generally larger than hotel rooms, the apartments will be spaced farther apart from one another. This means that noises traveling between the rooms will not be as much of a problem. Companies can also look into different types of accommodations if some people prefer to stay in an apartment alone.


Government travel is something that has to be done, and many people do enjoy getting to go out of the office for business. Staying in these executive apartments will help to make that venture even more appealing to the workers. Give us a call on 1800 202 202 to have a no obligation chat with one of our accommodation consultants or fill in our contact form