By: Sam M

Traveling for work can be miserable, if you let it be. Many employees complain that their commute to work is the worst part of their day. As housing options become more spread out, the amount of commute time is getting worse. Here are some things that employees can do to make the most out of their commute time. New York commuter Peter Brett for example wrote a fantasy novel during his commute. Think of what YOU could do!

Many adults these days don’t get to enjoy time to themselves to think. The commute is a perfect time to do some reflection. Employees can learn meditation or simply learn to sit and listen to their thoughts. Adults who are most in tune with their own thoughts and feelings are more productive in their work and home lives.

For employees who would like to learn something new, podcasts are an option. Podcasts exist on a number of topics, from self help to political topics. There is something for every taste, and new material is released every week. Employees can listen to podcasts on their ipods while they travel to work.

The commute can also be a good time to get some communication. Many adults find that they don’t have enough time to talk to the ones they love. Why not do this during the commute? Chances are that other people are also on their commute and would be receptive to some entertainment. For those who commute through public transportation, talking on the phone is a simple option. But even those who drive themselves can use hands free speakers to talk while in the car.

Since the biggest problem during the commute is usually a lack of mental stimulation, this is a good time to take advantage of your mental freedom. If there is something you’ve been meaning to think about now is a good time to do it. During the commute, employees can use their time for brainstorming, planning, and thinking. Getting more in control of planning their week can help employees run their lives more efficiently. And taking some time to brainstorm ways to make their work or home lives better will certainly pay off.

There are plenty of things that employees can do while commuting. Whether driving or using public transportation, this time doesn’t need to be a lull. Since the commute eats up a big chunk of many people’s free time, it’s a shame not to use the time to its fullest potential.  Follow the tips above to take better advantage of the time spent commuting to work each day.

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