By: Sam M
brisbane-vegetarian-restaurantsAnyone visiting or contemplating a visit to Australia must certainly hear echoes of the once popular Aussie phrase, “Put another shrimp on the barbie.” Now that phrase is as stale as week old pastries, but even if it wasn’t, it disregards those among us who might prefer a meal that does not involve the mastication of meat products.

That being said, when people visit Brisbane, they will find the city offers several restaurants that offer vegetarian diners delightful and delicious choices. If you’re staying at one of our Brisbane executive apartments, don’t be afraid to stray out to check out some of our favourite vegetarian eateries!

The Tea Master

The Tea Master offers Chinese cuisine in a modern setting. On their menu they offer many dishes, but some of the best are those with faux meat options. Their vegetarian fish balls and prawns come in such large portions that two people could easily share one order, or as with other dishes, customers could save the leftovers for the following day. On the other hand, they provide the customer with an opportunity to sample many of their menu items with several smaller portioned choices.

Govinda’s Vegetarian Restaurant

Govinda’s is a well established restaurant that offers vegetarian Indian cuisine. They offer a tasty variety of rice, curries, vegetarian meatballs, Indian flatbread, and salads like spicy tofu salad. Scrumptious casseroles such as potato bake are offered. For the pasta lovers, baked pasta as well as lasagna is available. Desserts are also on the menu if the diner has a sweet tooth. By the way, those seeking to try vegetarian for the first time would find plenty to choose from the all you can eat feast.

Deer Duck Bistro

Contrary to its name, the Deer Duck Bistro offers a wider variety of vegetarian fare. In deference to some of Deer Duck Bistro’s delicious regular menu items, the chef has made vegetarian versions. Diners may feast on exotic fare such as 63 degree hen egg. This dish cooks an egg at very low temperatures for up to 2 hours. The result is a silky smooth egg white encasing a rich, creamy soft yolk. They might also choose eggplant caviar with labna a vegetarian mixture similar to cream cheese. A sumptuous spread of vegetable dishes is also available.

Shady Palms

Diners will not be disappointed in the American inspired food served at the Shady Palms. Here, too, the chef provides various versions of its regular menu items. Tacos are stuffed with okra and sumptuously seasoned with spicy chimmichurri. Sliders are made with crispy, golden brown fried green tomatoes. Black bean and corn salsa, grilled cheese, and mashed sweet potatoes are just a few of the delicious menu items. Continuing with the American theme, not to mention southern comfort foods, macaroni and cheese and fried pickled vegetables are also on the menu.

As visitors will find, Brisbane has many things to offer many people. The wide choice of activities is paired with a huge list of delectable dining experiences. The vegetarian niche is ignored by many, but Brisbane embraces it. Try some of them out the next time you’re in town.

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