By: Sam M
eating healthy while traveling

It’s normal to struggle to eat a healthy and balanced diet while traveling. Eating becomes more of a distracting necessity than a re-energising ritual.

Like the last time you traveled, working on four hours of sleep, eating a ham and cheese croissant at the airport and smashing that down with a few coffees seemed like a great idea. Later that day (or even that morning) you probably felt pretty run-down, and when you finally made it back to your apartment you decided a carbicide by way of some Thai food was simply the easiest option. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all felt the post-binge regret!

This is a problem for many as it is easy to gain weight or feel bad while eating unhealthy foods. Luckily, even while travelling, an individual can eat nutritious and healthy foods. With that in mind, here are four tips to eating healthy while travelling.

Eat often

In many cases, an individual will not eat healthy foods when he or she does not eat often. This is often hard to avoid, especially when travelling all day. To avoid this, one should opt to eat small snacks as often as possible. With this, a traveller can fill his or her stomach and will avoid gorging on unhealthy foods.

Avoid restaurants

All too often, a traveller will head to a restaurant to fill his or her stomach. While this is a cheap and fast way to eat, it is not healthy. Instead, a traveller should try to pack small meals and avoid fast food places. Remember, when going to a restaurant, one will eat unhealthy foods as they only care about making a profit and not giving the customer a healthy meal.

Eat breakfast

As mentioned, many people eat foods devoid of nutrition when they are hungry. To avoid this problem, a person on the road should try to eat a large breakfast. If this is difficult, one should have an apple or some oatmeal in the morning. With this, a traveller will have a baseline meal and can enjoy plenty of energy for a few hours. Otherwise, it is all too easy to gorge on a large meal later in the day.

Eat your proteins

In an effort to eat a healthy meal, many opt to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. While this is a great start, it is wise to eat healthy and lean proteins. One can eat chicken, turkey, fish and lean red meats. Other times, one can enjoy beans as this is a great vegetarian alternative. Either way, when trying to enjoy a balanced and healthy diet, one must not forget to add copious amounts of healthy and low-fat proteins as it is hard to eat well without having protein.It is not hard to eat well while on travelling. While this is true, it is wise to follow these four tips to make things easier for a busy traveller who does not always have time to prepare the best meals.


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