By: Sam M

office exerciseWhile some of our apartments have gym access, a full-time job typically requires one to be in the office for eight hours out of the day, and it’s not uncommon to stay longer when workloads are overwhelming.

Working late can make it difficult to exercise, most people get breaks here and there to do as they wish. For individuals who need to catch up on working out, those brief periods are golden opportunities to get the heart racing. Here are six basic exercises that can be done at nearly every workplace, or right from inside your apartment.

1) Stair Climbing

Multi-level workplaces are often equipped with many flights of stairs, and stairs are some of the best exercise machines around. Instead of taking the elevator to that eighth-floor office, use the stairs instead. Most people are shocked to see how exhausting it is to climb several flights of stairs nonstop. This exercise will surely get the heart pumping like crazy, and it’ll also tone up the legs and glutes too.

2) Lunges

Lunges are an exercise that is very reminiscent of taking big steps. After coming back from a bathroom break, lunge all the way back to the cubicle. Make sure that the leg in front creates a right angle, while the leg in back has the knee just inches from the ground. Lunges will build muscles in the calves, thighs, and butt to shape up any flabby areas.

3) Standing Squats

This exercise is simple, extremely effective, and can be done anytime one is standing up. From the standing position, slowly squat down with the hands together at chest level like one is praying. Bend down until the legs form right angles, then rise back up while squeezing the glutes. Some individuals can easily do a hundred squats in just five minutes, so there’s no excuse for not having the time.

4) Shadow Boxing

Want to improve cardiovascular health and perfect self-defense techniques at the same time? Try shadow boxing for a change. This form of exercise involves practicing the fundamental boxing punches in the air, and it’s used to enhance a boxer’s form and speed. Throwing various blows at an imaginary opponent can spike heart rate and make one sweat bullets in a matter of minutes.

5) Push-Ups

Nothing beats the traditional push-up for strength and muscle-building. Push-ups are great for the chest, arms, and shoulders. Busting out a couple sets can really help to decrease work-related stress too.

6) Jumping Jacks

Before heading out to stuff oneself with greasy take-out during the lunch break, it might be good to perform some jumping jacks to counter the poor diet. Jumping jacks engage all the extremities and enhance blood circulation throughout the body. It’s the ideal exercise for people who have stationary desk jobs.

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