By: Sam M

One of the main concerns for those traveling is the safety and security of their home while they’re away. Although our corporate housing is safe and secure, it’s more important than ever to increase your home security measures for peace of mind and to prevent loss whether you’re traveling for an extended period of time or just a few days. Keep your home safe while traveling by following these 5 simple tips:

1. Install a Security Alarm

A home security alarm is one of the most effective ways of securing your home for a great way to have an alarm company watch over it. Basic security alarms will work to alert the alarm company if a window or door unexpectedly opens without the passcode keyed in. If the alarm is not immediately shut off, the police will respond and make a visit to the home. Most burglars will exit a home once hearing the alarm for a popular method that has continued to keep homes safe for several decades.

2. Use Motion Sensored Lights

Motion sensored lights are one of the easiest ways to keep burglars on their toes with a light that immediately turns on with nearby activity present. It will make intruders assume that someone is present indoors, and will also make them more visible to neighbors should they try to break in.

3. Have a Guard Dog

Instead of taking your dog to a pet hotel, keep them at home in the backyard for an extra security measure that will scare off intruders. Burglars will not attempt to approach a property where a dog is barking, which is not only a threat to their safety, but will also alert neighbors that the home is threatened. Ask a neighbor or friend to feed the dog and care for it while away.

4. Keep Valuables Out of Sight

The easiest ways for a home to be targeted is with valuables in clear sight for those looking through windows. Keep blinds shut and the curtains drawn while also storing valuable items in a safe or in hidden places that are not easy to find. If anyone enters the home, it will mean less goods that are stolen or damaged.

5. Keep an Indoor Light On

By keeping an indoor light on in the home, it will mean those passing by will think that someone is present in the home. It’s an extra security measure that won’t rack up your electricity bill. Similarly, keep a car parked in the driveway and have a neighbor pick up your mail to prevent the home from looking unoccupied.

With your mind clear knowing your home is safe and sound, you are free to focus on that important business meeting coming up. If you’re looking for an executive apartment for you or a colleague, feel free to get in touch with us!