By: Sam M

stay-healthy-while-travelingYou might already know that there’s something draining about spending time away from home — especially if it’s just for just a few days. Like that one time you stopped over for just a few hours while on a trip overseas. You felt tired and run down. Although sometimes there are no alternatives, it’s quite a common experience that everyone can relate to. That is the reason why I take care about the food I eat while spending time away from home. You may not have the time or the budget to have quality, home-cooked meals– but there are some common ’emergency foods’ you can avoid to keep your energy up and keep fatigue at bay. Check them out below:

4 Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling

1. Coffee.

While many people reach for coffee as a way to fight fatigue, this plan will almost always backfire. Why? For one thing, coffee is a diuretic, meaning that it increases your need to urinate. This increased rate of urination can contribute to dehydration, a primary cause of fatigue. Additionally, coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine is a potentially dangerous substance to consume because it stimulates the adrenal glands to produce adrenalin. When this happens, the body goes into a “fight-or-flight” state. Then, when the adrenal high finally wears off, your body will likely drop into a state of fatigue.

2. Cookies.

Although many people think that cookies are absolutely delicious, they are generally not that nutritious (unless they’re made with raw, whole ingredients). In addition to lacking nutritional value, cookies can cause fatigue by getting your blood sugar levels out of balance. When your blood sugar level becomes extremely high, the body will release insulin to bring it back in balance. Despite the fact that your body works on your behalf in this way, eating a high glycemic index food such as a cookie can leave you fatigued because of all the blood sugar level fluctuations.

3. White Bread.

Like sweet carbs such as cookies, starchy carbohydrates like white bread can contribute to fatigue. While white bread can offer you a short-lived “high” feeling, you will eventually succumb to a tired, sluggish feeling that precludes you from functioning at optimum levels. White bread has this adverse effect for the same reason that cookies do. To avoid the fluctuating blood sugar levels that result from white bread consumption, leave this food alone when you’re traveling.

4. Hamburgers.

Although you may enjoy the taste of hamburgers, you probably won’t enjoy the groggy feeling that you experience after eating them. Hamburgers can contribute to fatigue for a very simple reason-they’re full of fat (this is the same reason that people can experience fatigue when they consume unreasonable amounts of foods containing healthy fats such as avocados and nuts such as cashews, almonds, and pecans).


As you prepare to travel for your next business trip, remember that making the most out of it will be contingent upon maintaining great energy levels. To make this happen, be sure to avoid the energy-sapping foods listed above.

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