By: Sam M

airport-carouselOne of the most common and frustrating occurrences while traveling is losing your luggage in the process of checking your suitcases, switching flights, or having cancelled flights. It’s a known fact that your belongings have a high risk of getting lost, which can make it difficult when arriving in your destination and needing your items. For those planning on traveling, there are a few common ways that belongings will likely get lost.

1. Not Using Tags to Luggage
Although many people are hesitant to to add a luggage tag to their suitcase due to their personal information being exposed, it will actually prevent losing the personal belongings and getting it to the right place. This will ensure that the airline has a better chance of getting it on the right plane or locating it if it is delivered in the wrong place.

2. Forgetting to Lock the Luggage

Luggage can get lost when it is easy to open and rummage through, making it a target for someone looking to steal clothing or valuables. Lock your luggage with a standard lock that needs a key or code to ensure that it is less tempting for someone to open.

3. Checking the Bags

Checking items means losing contact with them, leaving you with a chance that it will get onto the wrong plane. Instead, try to keep it with you when you board the plane to be stowed overhead. If the suitcase exceeds the size limit, opt for shipping it. It will not only cost the same as checking it, but will ensure that it arrives safely to your destination.

4. Taking Short Layovers

Those who book flights with short layovers of less than an hour significantly increase their chances of losing their luggage as the airlines are guaranteed to be rushing to get all of the luggage transferred to the next plane. This can often mean having to recheck your bag, making it even more difficult to go through customs if it’s required. Short layovers also will make it a challenge to transfer your luggage if your flight is late, causing unneeded stress and a possibility that you won’t see your luggage again.

Whether flying across the country or traveling internationally, it’s best to plan ahead of time on what you’ll do with your luggage to ensure that it doesn’t get lost in the process. The extra planning and preparation will be worth the effort when your personal belongings arrives in one piece at your destination.

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