By: Sam M

canberra-executive-apartments-restaurantsCanberra is a great place to be for people who like to eat. It is full of delicious restaurants featuring all kinds of cuisines. If you’re staying at one of our Canberra executive apartments you may feel a little homesick– luckily, here is a look at six of the best places to grab a bite whilst staying in Australia’s capital city!

1. Courgette Restaurant

This French fine dining restraint is considered by many experts to be the best restaurant in Canberra. It is a great place to go to enjoy a luxurious meal. There is no better place in town to go out for a business dinner to impress clients or customers. This is the place to go when someone wants to eat like a king.
Located at 54 Marcus Clarke St.

2. Sage Restaurant

This is another restaurant in Canberra that is considered among the best in town. They serve a wide variety of gourmet dishes that utilize local, seasonal ingredients. Visitors should make sure to try the pizza at Sage Restaurant at least once while they are in Canberra. They also have a great atmosphere that features live music many nights of the week.
Located at Gorman House Arts Centre/Batman St, Braddon

3. Ethiopia Down Under

When visitors to Canberra are looking for an interesting ethnic restaurant, they should try the delicious food served at Ethiopia Down Under. Those who have not tried Ethiopian food before will be amazed at how delicious it is, and it is a great option for vegetarians as well.
Located at 1/70 Hodgson Crescent, Pearce

4. Morks

This fabulous Thai restaurant in Canberra is a great option for folks who are craving some Asian food. They have a great menu, friendly staff and low prices. Make sure to try this place at least once while visiting the city.
Located at 3/37 Kesteven St, Florey

5. Aubergine

When visitors to Canberra are looking for an amazing fine dining experience, they should give serious consideration to visiting Aubergine. This gourmet delight will satisfy the taste buds of the most discerning diners. They offer tasting menus that are a tremendous value, and they have a stellar wine list as well. Delicious food, fantastic service and an incredible ambiance makes this restaurant a true treat.
Located at 18 Barker St, Griffith

6. Burmese Curry Place

Most people have never had the thrill of enjoying the taste of Burmese food. A visit to Burmese Curry Place while in Canberra is a great opportunity for people to remedy that gap in their culinary résumés. There is no restaurant in town that will satisfy diners more for less money. They offer a wide range of delicious curry dishes for rock bottom prices.
Located at 106 City Walk, Canberra

If you’re looking for executive apartments in Caberra, look no further. Our apartments are a comfortable and luxurious home away from home whilst you’re on your business trip– and now, you’re armed with some great dining spots to check out!