Short term furnished apartments for project teams

You may be surprised to learn that more than half of the work we do at Corporate Housing is in the provision and management of housing for consultants, staff secondments and project teams who require short term furnished apartments whilst on assignment.

Over many years we have developed and refined the tools needed to deliver first class service to Human Resources,  Global Mobility Teams,  Project Managers and Personal Assistants who undergo this complex task.

We provide you solutions to help you manage your mobile workforce whilst offering care and support to the assignee whilst they are residing in our apartments. We manage the process from sourcing the apartment, arrival procedure and orientation, guest check in and check out to providing 24 hour, 7 days a week support to the assignee whilst staying in their temporary apartment.

We offer the best selection of short term furnished apartments in major capital cities throughout Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Darwin and Canberra. The apartments are fully appointed with all the comforts of home including kitchen and internal laundry. We use industry specific software which delivers unparalleled reservation, reporting and management of project based travel.

Find out why Corporate Housing is the industry leader in the management of Project Team housing – contact us today.