Getting around Brisbane

If you are seconded to Brisbane, and not familiar with the city – here is our guide for getting around Brisbane

Brisbane’s excellent transport infrastructure makes it relatively easy to get from point A to point Z and virtually anywhere in between with minimal interruptions or changes. Public transport in Brisbane is cheap, and with the new integrated ticketing systems, the Go Card, making it easier getting around Brisbane than ever before, and up to 30% cheaper than single one way paper tickets. The city offers buses, trains, CityCat ferries, hire cars and taxis as transport options. There are even water taxis available day and night. Brisbane has also introduced a City Cycle scheme, with bicycle stations at many locations around the city and inner-city suburbs.

The only area where Brisbane’s transport system lets the city down is getting to and from the airport at night — express trains run throughout the day, but after 7.30pm the domestic and international railway stations shut down, leaving it to public and airport transfer companies including taxis to offer alternative options. Brisbane International Airport is located 13 kilometres northeast of Brisbane’s city centre.

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